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(907) 313-6598

I had a missed call from this number. I returned the call and the person who answered didn't say any sort of greeting....they simply stated a person's first name (male) and I responded with"no I am just returning a missed call". At which point the person hung up on me. I then attempted to contact them via text message. I received no reply. This is an unscrupulous number in my opinion.

2 days, 10 hours ago Eagle River (Alaska)
(866) 912-2575

This company accessed my credit card without permission. I've tried to call them, but nobody answers. I need to know who they are to get some means to interact with them and get them to tell me why they are charging my credit card - for what product or service.

2 days, 11 hours ago Huntsville (Alabama)
(510) 571-2601

Fake verizon scam caller

3 days, 16 hours ago San Jose (California)
(816) 381-4481

scam debt collectors

3 days, 19 hours ago Atlanta (Georgia)
(647) 696-8543


4 days, 17 hours ago Toronto (Ontario)
(866) 317-2158

caller 02/11/2020 4:30 from 1 866 728 4268 called to say my utilities will be turned off in the next 30 minutes, to resolve the issue call 1 866 317-2158.

5 days, 9 hours ago Anaheim (California)
(323) 428-0837

Yes phone number sent my wife info about erectile disfunction and called her a sl*t?

5 days, 13 hours ago Chicago (Illinois)
(908) 356-6025

They call me all the time for a Camry 2010 bla bla bla I don’t even owned the vehicle...

5 days, 14 hours ago Charleston (West Virginia)
(920) 663-8018

I need all information about this phone number please
a man claim to be EVEREST OKOYE the owner of this number
+1 920-663-8018

6 days, 21 hours ago Lagos (Lagos)
(231) 340-2351

this is a scammer shes works as a escort on chat***

7 days, 22 hours ago Jacksonville (Florida)
(540) 970-5930


9 days, 10 hours ago Cleveland (Ohio)
(877) 348-0991

Fraudulent debt collector got 1000 of my money did not have authorization to do so and now I have a levy on my account since they did not forward payment to original creditor called them and did not answer at first and when they did then proceeded to tell me that they dont care what is happening to me and they dic not have to disclose who his client was that had forwarded the debt to them to collect.

9 days, 11 hours ago Stuart (Florida)
(705) 345-2345

I don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognize and who don't leave a message. Sorry!

10 days, 15 hours ago Kitchener (Ontario)
(510) 571-2236

Unknown number do not know who this is, spam telephone number!

10 days, 17 hours ago San Jose (California)
(518) 213-5631

Spam Caller - Timeshare marketing

12 days, 13 hours ago Buffalo (New York)
(800) 882-9638


12 days, 14 hours ago Houston (Texas)
(202) 852-3651

Scammer trying to get personal information.

12 days, 19 hours ago Brampton (Ontario)
(888) 303-0902

Help with unsecured debt. Call from someone name Kathreen Scott.

13 days, 13 hour ago Westover Hills (Texas)
(212) 975-2449

Calling saying i won money from outside of this country lady wanted information. So she could sent money i told her i do not give my personal information she said i was yelling and i had to give her because she was gov. I told her i was a place a police report she hung up new it was a spam i call the number back any no answer dead sound i block phone number and put as spam every day i get phone call my phone finds and block but some get thur

13 days, 14 hours ago Corpus Christi (Texas)
(705) 601-3025

Calls and hangs up without any audio played over the phone

16 days, 11 hours ago Jacksonville (New Brunswick)

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